Commercial Insurance

Business Insurance, if your current policy is renewing or you are starting a new business. We can evaluate your existing policy or submit a new policy for a quote. We have numerous markets available for your “unique” type of business. A Business Owner Policy (BOP) combines all major property and liability risk in one insurance package. When operating your small to medium size business, know your coverages to protect your businesses continued operation.

Any business can benefit from having a policy that suits their needs. Commercial insurance is the best way to protect any business and its assets from sudden losses and disasters.

How Does Commercial Insurance Work?

Depending on the type of equipment and property associated with your business, things like vehicles, computers and other tech hardware, retail inventory, the physical space where your business takes place, and any other valuables can all be covered by a commercial policy. Even accidents or losses that can be attributed to your employees will also be covered, as you can also be attached in a lawsuit when they do something wrong. You can even discuss coverage amounts with your agent to get an estimate of the value of your business to make sure all your financial needs will be covered in the event of a loss. Business owners should be especially mindful of any potential risks and plan with insurance, as this can be the difference between merely having to make a claim to get a business up and running again, versus having to end operations entirely.

Because each business is different, it can be difficult to speak in generalities about commercial insurance. You will need to contact an agent at PFN Insurance Services and provide them with information about your operations and the types of losses that may come at a later time. They should be able to create a policy that includes enough coverage as well as accounting for specific kinds of liability that may be tied to your line of work.

Get Coverage Today

To learn more about obtaining a commercial insurance policy, contact PFN Insurance Services. Our agents can serve you with quotes and more specific information about a policy that is right for you based on your personal line of business.